Our vision is a world where innovative passion for socially positive action can be executed immediately and cost effectively.

The mission of Mission.Earth (Sponsor, Inc.) is to empower, educate and encourage our partners so as to enable maximum impact on progressive social innovation.

Sometimes, we can do that by providing fiscal sponsorship services. Sometimes, those services may be more appropriately provided by a different fiscal sponsor.

While we gratefully acknowledge the work that the Study Center of San Fransisco has done and the resources that they provide, including their fiscal sponsorship directory, we thought that the public and social entrepreneurs would be better served with:

  • a more interactive platform where sponsorship organizations could, as users, dynamically update their information; and
  • a more robust query and filtering system for innovators where they could search for sponsorship organizations with better filters.

We welcome you to this directory and hope it is useful. If you have ideas on how to make it more useful or wish to help financially support this effort, please contact us.

Steve Meltzer, Executive Director